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    I read this article the other day and I thought your response was truly a blessing. While I'm not in this situation, it convicted me to search my heart for ways in which I may be making excuses and trying to justify based on emotions or what's seen externally over what the word of God clearly lets us know.

    Wow, reading this story reminded me somewhat of my past and current struggles. I too was involved in a relationship with a non practicing Muslim. We were together for about 5 years, and have been broken up for about a year. Although we were together for so long, I never met his parents and he never met mine, because we both lived at home and didn't want to deal with the objections of our parents. I had a close relationship with God before I met him, and during the relationship I was so far away from God and his purpose in my life. You never really experience real pain until you are torn between your heart and your purpose. I thank God that he literally pulled me out of that relationship because for all 5 years, my life was at a stand still. I'm still praying and waiting on God to bless me with a husband; some days I think of what would have been had things been different, but mostly I pray and hold on to God's promises. I know that one day I will meet that man that will value me and treat me like the princess that God intended for me to be, someone that will fit into God's purposes in my life.

    I thought that the Q&A time/Inbox question on Boundless Episode #149 was amazing and I think it should be posted on here!

    Thank you for this article. I am struggling emotionally right now because I was in a relationship with a non-Christian and we had a baby together. I thought I was a Christian who just made a mistake when I fornicated, but looking back, I never was.

    I broke up with him because the Holy Spirit was bringing me to repentance/faith in Jesus Christ. It was the hardest thing. I am now saved but I still hurt because of the bond of sex and the consequences of sin. He's now living with another woman and it's hard. I don't want to ever go back to how I was. However, I long to be married to a Godly man and to raise my family with two parents and not as a single mother, so we can serve God.

    I would love for my son's father to be saved and we be reunited under Christ, but it's not up to me. Now I just want to avoid him because it hurts too much but it wouldn't be fair to my son to not let him see his father.

    Please pray for me.

    Great article and it's a great reminder to be faithful to God.

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