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I'm passionate about seeing you thrive. I believe the Women Praying Boldly community can be part of that. Thanks for joining us.

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    Hi Candice,
    I really enjoyed the radio interview with Debbie Chavez.

    Currently I'm in a relationship with a great Christian man and we're moving towards marriage. What are some "good questions" to be asking to rule out red flags and encourage our relationship to move towards marriage?


    Hi Rachel, Thanks for the great question. Recently we were meeting with a dating couple we've mentored and they surprised us with a night of free babysitting so we could go out on a date, and they could spend an evening seeing what it's like to make dinner for a family and care for children.

    They got the idea from the back of Josh Harris's book "Boy Meets Girl." The last section provides questions and conversation starters to have when you're dating. I think it's a great tool for discerning if your relationship has the potential to move to marriage.

    Hi I just wanted to email in and encourage all the women on here who are praying boldly. We are a group of friends who started praying for one another and sometimes together, to share our lives and encourage one another. We have seen so many answers to prayer for homes and jobs and opportunties over the last year or two. Also, we have seen answers to prayer for husbands and courtships. It is amazing! I got married in Jan at the age of 35. I had prayed for years and sometimes had struggles, other times felt really happy being single... But in God's time I married a guy who I had known since college days (over 15 years) and we are very happy. It is hard work and a massive life change but I am so thankful to God. Another friend got married at 40, and another is getting married in a few weeks at 33. Never stop praying boldly and asking Him to fill you and to answer your prayers.

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