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    Interesting. I guess my point of view is a little bit different, because I'm English and we have a different attitude to the military. I definitely consider joining the military a reasonable way to earn a living. Lots of people join the military for that reason in this country and for people with an average education, no degree and no "connections" (as Jane Austen says!) it always has been (and probably always will be) a good way for a man to make a way for himself and his family. That said, I wouldn't be excited about MY boyfriend joining the military at the moment. A guy should definitely consider his girlfriend's / wife's opinion before joining up I think!

    If he's wanting to marry the girl, her opinion should definitely have some serious weight!! I understand her point of view, and I also understand his. However, if he really wants to marry the girl and she feels very strongly about him not being deployed then he should definitely look in other areas before making a final decision. It also begs the question that if he doesn't value her opinion now (which it doesn't seem he does) will he later?

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