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    So... we have a young adult lunch today at work, and I am so tempted not to go b/c I am not looking my best. But I'm going to make myself go. It's for a good cause, and that's what matters. Pray for me not to do the shy wallflower thing!!

    Does this include going to a birthday party for someone you don't really know?

    Single in Philly,

    I'd suppose it could. Do you have reservations about going? If you do, you might want to examine them for the reasons you are hesitant. Celebrating another human being's birth anniversary is a good thing, certainly. Making new friends and deepening already existing bonds are also both good things.

    "Check your motives" is a phrase that my best friend and I use to remind each other that we need to be participating in activities and attending events not solely b/c we think we might "meet someone" there. That's not a bad motive. It just shouldn't be the only one.

    I probably should have said this first... Pray. Ask God to shed light on your heart-motives and concerns. Trust that He is guiding you in this process of making a decision. And then follow through.

    If you decide to go to the party and money is a concern, then make your own card and buy a small gift. In this economy, even a gift card to a popular restaurant is likely to be welcome. And then before you go to the party, pray up! Pray that you will be a blessing to whomever you meet and that you will concentrate more on getting to know other people, rather than scanning the room for single cuties (which I am wont to do; ack!).

    You can do it! =)

    I went to the party and it went well. The party was for someone at the church I've been attending recently. I realized that I have been struggling to "Get Out There" and meet new people. Most of my friends are married, which isn't a bad thing, but I realize I need to form relationships with other singles.
    I'm really struggling with building new friendships. The church I'm attending seems like the singles group is rather tight knit. At moments I've felt a bit of cold shoulder from some of the women. I hate the pecking order that is often found in Christian Circles among women. A married friend of mine told me that it just doesn't happen with single women. Apparently, there can be a pecking order among married women. Anyway, the singles group at church is rather active and I realize its a place that I need to be to meet new people. I've also been encouraged to look for the guys that not every girl is pining away for.

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